I-Tip Hair Extensions:

Do you dream of healthy, shiny, especially strong hair? Nobody wants to suffer from hair loss. Nobody wants to notice less hair day by day. You are not happy and can lose your self confidence. Relax, this problem can be solved easily. If you have thin and short hair and you want to add volume or length to your hair immediately, you can try hair extensions.

Using hair extensions can make your hair thicker without heat and chemicals which lead to breakage or damage. Besides some common hair extension types such as weaves, detachable ponytails, and clip-ins, I-tip hair extensions can sound strange to customers. Today, ronbeautyamazement would like to talk about i-tip extensions – which is one of the new beauty trends in hair extensions.

Microbead hair extensions, otherwise known as beaded, I-tip, I-Link, etc. are a popular alternative for extension lovers that want (or need) to avoid adhesive tapes, fusion methods, or hot glues.

Further, they’re a great way to add length and fullness to hair with a low risk of damage (if installed correctly by a great stylist). We break down all there is to know about this increasingly popular method right here in our blog!

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What Are Microbead Hair Extensions?

What makes these extensions unique are the beads. The beads used for microbead extensions are very small, but perfectly sized to hold both the natural hair and the tip of the hair extension.

There are a few different kinds of beads, but they are all tiny and soft enough to be crimped down to hold the hair and the hair extension in place during installation.

Small bundles of hair, called strands, are attached to hair near the roots with a small bead, rather than wefts that are more typical of the tape-in method.

Why Beads?

While a professional stylist should still be recruited to install, move-up, and remove these extensions (more on that shortly), the advantage of beads is that you don’t need chemical removers or excessive heat to work on them, so those with particularly sensitive hair and skin can benefit from a beaded method, rather than tape or fusion hair extensions.

How Long Do Microbead Extensions Last?

Microbead hair extensions can last for a long time, but as with any other method, it depends on the quality of hair and care routine. ronbeautyamazement I-tip Extensions last for three to six months, which is a good benchmark for most good quality beaded extensions.

As you wear the extensions for a few weeks, your hair will grow as it normally does, and that growth causes the bead and hair extension to move further and further away from the scalp. That’s why it’s important to go in and have them moved up every few weeks.

How to Install Beaded Hair Extensions

The bead is threaded onto a small section of hair near the scalp. The tip of the hair extension strand is placed into the bead, and a special hair extension tool is used to crimp and flatten the bead, so it stays in place.

After installation, the stylist blends and trims the hair so the hair and the extensions blend together and look natural. The attachment points are hidden by the top layers of hair, so no one can tell the beads are there.

When it’s time to take out all the extensions, the stylist uses the hair extension tool to uncrimp the beads and slide the strands out of the beads.

How Many Beaded Extensions for a Full Head?

As with how long they last, how much hair you need depends on quality and simple packaging differences from company to company. Ronbeautyamazement I-Tip extensions, however, are a good benchmark once again.

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